Corporate Video Vs. Promotional Video


Marketers strive hard to spread the word about their products and services all across the world. They already know that internet video production is a powerful marketing tool. However, with so many businesses video services to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one is ideal for your company. 

This is especially true when it comes to corporate video or promotional video, as the two terms are frequently interchangeable. Video can be found on TV, social media, billboards, and more. Video content is simple to consume and incredibly effective, particularly among a younger audience. This is why TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and other similar apps and platforms are so popular.

Demand for video content among consumers is increasing, both as entertainment and also as a marketing tool. However, not all video material is made for promotional objectives. A corporate video is evolving and becoming increasingly crucial for companies.

To help boost reach, engagement, and sales, video content can be utilized within all forms of digital marketing. Websites, email marketing, electronic billboards, and social media are all examples of this. What are the benefits? Continue reading to learn how this can help you grow your audience.


Difference—Corporate Video vs. Promotional Video

Both actively market your business, which is a commonality between the two. They’re also used to get your important messages through to your intended audience. The similarity, however, not ends here. Here’s a quick rundown of the fundamental distinctions between corporate and promotional video content.


Key Points—Corporate Video 

  • Focuses primarily on the company as a whole.
  • It’s best for B2B marketing.
  • Shares information about your business, including its principles, philosophy, and brand.
  • Private or sensitive information is sometimes included.
  • It’s possible to use it just for your own business (i.e., for training purposes)
  • Can take numerous forms, including messaging for employees or presentation to potential investors.
  • Rather than merely selling your products and services, it explains them.


Emphasis on The Company’s Culture and Image

Are you telling your company’s history to prospective hires or making a pitch to different organizations or investors? A corporate video focuses on presenting information about the company’s culture and establishing a brand image that B2B stakeholders would value.


Discusses Major Internal Company Issues

If you want to emphasize your company’s achievements throughout the year, a corporate video is a good way to do so. For your employees or board of directors, you can incorporate sales, income losses, stocks, and profits.


Can Be Used for Company Training

If you need to train new employees but don’t have the time, a corporate video can help. Training videos help employees retain their jobs, whether they work for an outsourcing company or a manufacturer.


Rather Than Marketing Your Products, It Explains Them

A corporate video can be useful for explaining or launching a product to investors and the general public. The content’s message can be the characteristics and benefits of a product or mock-up to impress stakeholders.


Obtaining Testimonials and Reviews for Your Business

Do you want to capture your clients’ attention? With a corporate video, you can achieve that. Testimonials and reviews of your business might assist you to figure out how much it affected their life and whether you should improve or adjust your product.


Key Points—Promotional Video 

  • Frequently emphasizes a single product, service, or event.
  • Is more entertainment-based and best suited for B2C marketing.
  • Is usually less time-consuming than a business video.
  • Is frequently utilized on the internet with the goal of ‘going viral.’
  • Can be used in emails, social media, and on your website throughout your marketing campaign.
  • Focuses on the sale of your goods and services.


Discusses Products, Services, Or Upcoming Events

A promotional video focuses on what your company has to offer rather than its business processes. They highlight products, services, or events, as well as how they might benefit customers. Do you have a product that glows in the dark? Let’s discuss it!


It’s All About Making Money

A promo video’s main objective is to offer items and services to clients. So, maybe not only that, but a subtle B2C film about your business can help to raise brand recognition.


The Customer is Frequently the End-User

Who are promotional videos designed for? These videos are made to entice customers to buy from the company. To make a sale, videos must hook and hold their attention.


Designed To Be Eye-Catching and Entertaining

Your video must elicit a response, engagement, and action from your viewers. It has to get people hooked on your message, whether they’re rolling on the floor laughing or sobbing miserably at night. Importantly, people must act on it, whether it is by attending your event or purchasing your stuff.


Used To Disseminate Information Via Social Media

Your videos should be posted online or on-site so that a large number of people can see them. The goal is for your video to become viral or to be heard in order to raise brand exposure. This is not the time to avoid any channel because you may lose potential clients in the long term.


Where and How to Use Them

Want to use corporate and promo videos in your marketing campaigns but don’t know where to start? Keep reading to discover.


Use Corporate Video to…

  • To launch a campaign and provide training – typically internally.
  • Give instructions – consider safety videos for airlines.
  • Showcase your knowledge.
  • Introduce a new product.
  • Display customer testimonials.
  • Share with your business associates.


Use Promo Video to…

  • Introduce a new product or service to the market.
  • Get people talking about you on social media.
  • Put it up on your website.
  • Increase email marketing click-through rates and conversions.
  • Showcase a significant event.


How To Start Planning for Your Video

You may now begin designing your video now that you understand the differences between the two. Are you still confused? Let us count the ways in which we may assist you in launching a video campaign for your company.


What Are Your Objectives?

We’ll be able to figure out which video you want if we know what your goal is. Will it be to promote a new product and encourage buyers to buy it? Or perhaps you’d like to write an industry report to entice investors? Create an objective or notion for how your video will affect your target audience.


Produce Content

Will it be a promo or a corporate video now that you’ve shortlisted your content plans? Make a plan or a storyboard for how you’ll develop material that will wow people. And, just to be clear, promotional videos aren’t just designed to be entertaining. They can also be severe! Similarly, a corporate video does not have to be robotic and corporate.


Examine The Content of Your Video

What do your stakeholders think of your videos? Do TikTokers keep up with the trend you’ve started? Do your employees understand the video instructions you gave them? Evaluating your material will assist you in determining how well your videos work for you. If it doesn’t work out, go back to the drawing board and come up with the next big idea.


Our Process

  • We take the time to learn about your company and what you require from a video.
  • We describe what you do and how you distinguish from the competition (your USP)
  • We know who your consumers are and who your target market is.
  • We present solutions that we believe will have the greatest impact on your project.


The Takeaway

Due to the abundance of online video content available, it’s become quite difficult for businesses and consumers to distinguish between the various kinds of content formats available. While the similarities between these formats have little effect on the user, it is critical for business executives to understand the differences. 

Although both video assets feature your company, their essential statements on the content are distinct. Here are some significant distinctions to keep in mind.

Promo videos are more focused on marketing and sales campaigns. Corporate video, on the other hand, discuss your company’s aim, services, and, in certain situations, sensitive information. 

With so many corporate video production companies available these days, it’s important to recognize and understand which form of video makers are best suited to your company’s needs. If you’re ready to join the video marketing craze but need assistance in refining your content or expanding your online presence, visit

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