Documentary Production Services in Dubai, AbuDhabi and across UAE

Our film directors, cinematographers, and editors have recently garnered international accolades for their documentaries.

Shoot At Sight, A perfect fix for Documentary Films!

No matter what kind of documentary film you have in mind, you need a highly-skilled video production company by your side. Without that, you would be likely to face a lot of problems. Fortunately, Shoot At Sight as a documentary production company has all the necessary equipment and the right creatives to help you make your perfect documentary film.

The number priority of Shoot At Sight is that the whole filmmaking process goes smoothly and remains free of any kind of issues. With the involvement of Shoot At Sight, one of the top documentary film production companies in Dubai, the focus on your art is maximized so that you can get a masterpiece in the end.

We love Documentary Films!

Unlike many other documentary film production companies, Shoot At Sight is not all bark and no bite. The in-depth knowledge and expert level skill of Shoot At Sight in documentary film production is evident by their past work. The Shoot At Sight team has been a part of numerous short Documentary Films. In each project, we have helped our collaborating filmmakers in digging out untold stories of this soil. Our recent few projects have even been awarded in several well-known international film festivals.

What is a Documentary Film?

A documentary film is a non-fiction motion picture that presents factual material or reality. This may be done for several purposes, such as education, entertainment, or even uncovering the truth. It is such a popular format that it won't be easy to find a county where a documentary hasn't been made yet.

Documentary films are one of the most diverse types of films. They exist in a number of types (expository, observational, participatory, performative, reflexive, etc.) and lengths. Over the years, documentary films have become so successful that they have given birth to many other types of films as well, for example, docufiction and mockumentary.

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