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We've revived the film scene in UAE and Pakistan. Our latest film can be watched now on Netflix.

Film Production Services across UAE.

Producing a feature film calls for smooth collaboration among team members that are highly skilled at what they do. In order to turn a script into a good movie, all your departments must have experts. These departments include cinematography, special effects, casting, and more. Pre-production, Production, and Post-production each step of film making needs high-end equipment and professionals, and thankfully, Shoot At Sight can provide you all of this as an independent film production company.

In such a short time span, Shoot At Sight as Film Production House has already worked on both small and big-scale film projects, and all of them have been huge hits. The Shoot At Sight team is a pro when it comes to conceiving and conveying sensational stories in an engaging way. We are on our way to becoming the leading film production company in Dubai.

Film Production in Dubai.

The film scene is quite new in UAE, especially when it comes to producing a complete Feature Film that has a UAE-based story. We, at Shoot At Sight, have revived film production unlike any other film production studio by producing the first UAE-Pakistan collaborated Feature Film Pinky Memsaab, which has garnered Best Feature Film Audience Choice at UK Asian Film Festival. It has also performed phenomenally in cinemas across UAE and Pakistan and now can be watched on Netflix. Apart from that, we have till now Line Produced two of the finest Pakistani Films  Chuppan Chupai and Sherdil in the past 3 years in Dubai.

What is a Feature Film?

A feature film is a film of full length, or you can say that it's the kind of movie we pay to watch at a theater. Today, feature films are usually 80 to 180 minutes long. However, the minimum length of a feature film is different for different bodies. For instance, the Academy has set the minimum length as 40 minutes, and the SAG has set the minimum length as 80 minutes.

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