Unbeatable Services
with Unmatchable Prices.

Gone are the days when spending more was directly proportional of a good quality. We have re-designed the price mechanism of video production. We won’t say it’s disruptive but have elements in it to make you think again before going to a traditional way. Our bespoke services from Concept to Execution to Render to Distribution goes to every detail your video needed.



Shoot At Sight provides one of the best Pre-Production services in Dubai and AbuDhabi. Knowing that this process is always the key factor to define how your project will look like at the end of the day, we put all our creative wired brains along with all our heart and soul and a structured approach to get the best for your videos. Our priority is to deliver this time-taken process in the most convenient and comfortable experience to our valuable clients.

Every video starts with a good concept. We’ll shape your story and idea with a thorough research and brainstorm into a script and then storyboard it to make you visualize. Our designers and cinematographers will help make every shot into a detailed shot list while our producers will make sure that you have each and every inch and filming permit when you are ready at the day of shoot.

Our expert producers will help to source you the best models and actors in town, obtain Government, Semi-Government and Private Filming and Drone Permits, scout some of the stunning locations for you where your product or service will shine more than anything.

Location Scouting and Location Permits

We know UAE in and out, be it traditional street or a world-class beach. From desert to art houses we got you covered. We provide location scout services for free and filming permits at the lowest charges. We understand your brief in detail and suggest the most suitable locations that can elevate your scene.

Fixers and Line Production

We provide logistical support including custom clearance on airport and borders for equipment, crew sourcing, equipment rentals, location management, accommodation, and transport arrangements, and management for actors, crew, directors, and producers.


We oversee film production from selecting the script, hiring a director, crew and coordinating the post production process along with the marketing and distribution.


Our creative team is the core of everything that we do. We provide Screenwriting services from researching the story, building the narrative, writing the story, script and screenplay.


Before we got on the floor rolling, our designers create a detailed storyboard no matter what the scale of the production is. From reference mood boards to pencil sketched storyboards to digitally painted storyboards on Wacom. We provide a detailed version of shot by shot storyboard.

Casting and Talent

We provide casting services and talent management services from all over the region. Our casting choices have made wonders in streams they appear. Our casting services include talent hunt, talent management, negotiations, contracts, buy-out packages, royalty packages for almost all kind of media platforms.

Set Design

Our team of professional designers can overcome any obstacle given in a scene with any budget. A perfect set design for every scene is our top priority. We have done set design for multiple Feature Films, TV Commercials, and Corporate Videos.

Costume Design

A scene in your Feature Film, TV Commercial, or Corporate Video is a combination of lights, camera, set, and then the person portraying the character. Our Customer Designers just know what to make them wear and how.

Event Planning

We organize the events like no other. Our Event team can plan any event in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have done multiple Corporate Event planning be it on a large stadium, auditorium, or even on a Cruise Ship.



We are considered as the top priority when it comes to media production process. Our structured and layered approach make sure to check mark each and every detail before coming to the floor for filming your video. The more we prepare, the more we save in production.

Our production process includes almost everything you always needed to produce even a small studio video to a whole length feature film. Our catalogue of directors, cinematographers, producers, sound technicians, light technicians, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, videographers and photographers gives you a range to choose the best possible crew to make your videos on time and facilitate you in every way of this process.

Our equipment rental services can source the best gears in town. From 8K high-end cameras to blower fans, we have everything in store to make your videos create the a-ha moments. And we bet you to beat our prices in any of the equipment gear. We’ve assembled one the biggest and finest crew and equipment in town for some huge productions happened in last couple of years.

Film and Video Production

Our range of in-house producers brings about any script or concept to life. We oversee film production from script, hiring a director, crew and coordinating the post-production along with marketing & distribution. From local filming permits to arranging a Chopper flying all over the city, we can do it all with utmost convenience.

Film and Video Direction

Our envisioned directors have a keen eye on all the aspects of the film or video production process. Our range of skillful directors can direct Films of all genres. Our in-house directors have also bagged awards from International Film Festivals around the globe. The team consists of the best from UAE, Pakistan, India, Norway, Poland, USA, UK, and Lebanon.


We have a range of best Director of Photography in the market. The stylized sense of capturing stunning visuals is the key component in all of them. Our list of DOPs comes from the best teams of UAE, Pakistan, India, Norway, Poland, USA, UK, and Lebanon. They have created amazing Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, Corporate Films, TVCs, and TV Shows.

Sound Recording

The one department on which our clients merely focuses, but this is the one single thing that can make or break your film. That is the reason there are only a handful of Sound Recordists available in the industry. But don't worry we have got you covered.


Let us just declare that we love animation. Our thrilled and innovative animators can mold anything and have the capability to transform anything into motion. With compelling story-telling, we have been serving our clients with amazing 2D and 3D animations in every form.



Our post-production services are always a game changer and often praised as the best media production service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our attention to detail on every frame and sound makes the video phenomenal on which our clients couldn’t resist to say that “You’re the best”.

Our post-production services includes complete editing, animation, motion graphics, color grading, music composition and sound design. As it is considered to be the second innings to direct your video, we make sure assign the best possible editor on your video who can change the whole picture into an all new video. Our creative sound designers that your videos should not sound any less than a Star War movie to your client.

So far we have successful feature films, documentary films, TV commercials, corporate videos, music videos and TV shows in our bucket on which our editors, colorists and sound experts had created an awe aspiring magic.

Video Editing

We have a number of experienced editors on board who work for you from conception to delivering the final product. Our editors have worked on record-breaking Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, Video Songs, TV Series, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, and Event Videos.

Motion Graphics

Our thrilled and innovative Motion Graphic Artists have the capability to transform anything in motion. With compelling storytelling through editing and motion graphics, we've been serving our clients with amazing 2D and 3D motion graphics in every form.

Color Grading

It's about taste and we love our pallets and we respect yours. Our colorists along with correspondents make sure that each and frame of your film or video looks like a masterpiece on its scale. Our Colour Grading price packages are unbeatable and are competing with the biggest markets like Bangkok.

Dubbing and Voice Over

As we said before, sound is the key no matter how small or big your production is. We have an amazing Voice Over and Dubbing Artists database from all over the region speaking in almost 20 languages. Be it a Dubbing for Feature Film or your next TV Series, TVC; our artists are equipped to strengthen your production value in no time.

Subtitles and Translation

We take a humanized approach when developing our client's optimization and testing programs. Our creative team is capable of translating the language you require. Our recent projects of Subtitling include Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, English, French, and Mandarin for top-notch Feature Films and Corporate Videos.

Distribution Services

We've partnered with the largest Digital Cinema Experts in the region providing DCI-Grade Digital Cinema Services, including DCP Mastering, DCP Duplication, and KDM Management, transportation of encrypted DCP content across Pakistan, GCC, and Overseas territories, and DI.

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