7 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video


When exploring a company, one of the most aggravating aspects is not being able to distinguish exactly what they do or provide based on their website. It’s a certain method to turn away potential clients, whether it’s complicated corporate writing, generic stock photos, or just no website at all.

Even if you have a well-designed website with multiple pages explaining your service offerings and outlining your objectives and company culture, an explainer video may truly help your company stand out.

It’s no secret that video marketing has gained popularity. You’ve probably heard of explainer videos if you’ve used video content for your business. An explainer video is a brief web marketing video that explains a product or service offered by your company. They frequently include lively, enticing images that can rapidly capture the attention of the viewer.

They may be used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries to convey their brand, exhibit their products and services, and create shareable content that will get them noticed on the internet. Small businesses might also outsource their video production to more cheap video makers.

Understanding: Explainer Video

An explainer video is a simple concept: it provides a brief overview of your business within just a few minutes. The introduction of an explainer video is considerably more in-depth and detailed.

It is also considered a marketing tool that helps your target audience understand who you are and what you do by briefly summarizing your brand’s key product.

A corporate overview is the most common type of explainer video. There are, however, different forms of explainer videos that can be used to teach your audience.

  • Overview of the Business
  • Overview of the product or service
  • Meet-the-team hybrid

The advantages described below will enhance your video marketing strategy regardless of whatever route you choose.

Characteristics of an Explainer Video

Short: The video should be brief enough to avoid boredom while still catching the entire picture.

Simplicity: The video should be able to answer three simple questions, “What?” “How?” and “When?” in the clearest manner.Â

Quality: A company should strive to offer the best possible product to stay ahead of the competition.Â

Animation: Animated characters help to establish a connection between the product and its target audience.Â

Music: Having a catchy tune playing over the video adds an entertainment aspect to the clip.

Color: Well-balanced colors bring the video to life and make it appealing to the eye, avoiding boredom.Â

Target Focused: A video should be created in a way that is directly relevant to the target demographic, such as using cartoon characters for children’s items. You may also read more about how it can aid in the acquisition of b2b clients.

Increasing Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Your brand will not be known to everyone right away. By delivering a narrative from your point of view, an explainer video is an ideal method to present your brand in a positive light. The graphics and audio that your explainer video brings to the table, just like on a TV show or movie, are frequently enough to attract the attention of viewers in a way that is more powerful than text alone.

In addition to helping your product or service construct a long-term brand identity, animation videos may help you create a long-term brand awareness strategy. The visual aesthetics, color scheme, storyline, distinctive voice-over, and characters included in the film all contribute to your brand’s identity. You can let your brand’s personality shine and speak for you by using an explanation video.

It should not take a company years to reach out to its target market. Explainer videos with animation can assist close the gap.Â

Increase Conversion Rates

You may use explainer videos to convert viewers into paying clients. According to studies, after watching an explainer video, 85 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service. More than 80% of individuals prefer to watch videos to complete their decision-making process about a product or service. Because they provide a better user experience, customers have evolved to embrace animated videos as a kind of entertainment.Â

The majority of people will not take the time to search your website for information. Instead, you can use your explainer video to close the deal on the landing page. You can sell your product or service in as little as 1-2 minutes if you use this method. Many online social media platforms, such as YouTube, give analytics that can be used to measure your progress.Â

Encourage Audience Participation

Videos have evolved into much more than just the transmission of moving visual pictures. Viewers can interact with the video they’re watching, thanks to technological advancements which can help you meet your marketing objectives faster. Explainer videos can include everything from links and forms to polls and surveys to urge your visitors to learn more about your items or make a purchase. As a call-to-action, viewer interactions are frequently performed towards the end of a video.

Attract Customers with Engaging Content

With the rise of video marketing, many web visitors are ditching text-based content. Explainer videos are a fun and engaging method to capture your audience’s attention. People are more likely to watch a video from beginning to end than they are to read a blog post or visit your service website. There are a variety of methods to combine captivating graphics and music into your presentation to attract and hold your audience’s attention.

Clarifying Your Product’s Advantages

While some products have a distinct purpose, others are less so. An explainer video can assist your visitors in understanding what your product or service is about, how it is utilized, and what benefits it provides. When you see a product in action on video, you’ll comprehend it more than if you just read about it. You can also tell your viewers why they should buy your goods instead of one of your competitors’.

Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t simply about the content of a website. You can also make your videos more appealing to a wider audience by optimizing them. You can put keywords that people are searching for online into the video’s title, description, and tags. When you post videos to social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, they are frequently shared, increasing your chances of being indexed by Bing or Google.

Showcase Your Personality

You want to market your product as well as your brand. Putting a face to a name can have a significant impact on customers’ decisions about whether or not to buy your product. Being able to see a person’s face builds a bond that makes many individuals feel more comfortable purchasing from a company. An explainer video is the most effective approach to convey your company’s overall image and personality to your target audience.

A Few More Thought-Provoking Insights

Your explainer video can be a valuable asset for your strategy, especially if one of the video’s purposes is to answer the audience’s questions before they ask them.

It’s most efficient to begin the video with the broad concept, then formulate the problem that your company is fixing for your clients, and last, present the solution. Remember to highlight your product’s or service’s unique value proposition. Also, it’s best to address a relatable issue, and don’t forget to incorporate your brand’s voice, color, typography, and any quirks.

Pay particular attention to the call to action you leave with your audience. It should be simple to comprehend – if you have a message you want to get through to your audience, whether it’s a whitepaper, a website, or a free trial, make sure you explain it properly.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips, tricks, or experiences to contribute. Or, if you’re looking for some fresh ideas for your next movie, head over to Shoot at Sight, an explainer video company.

Final Thoughts

Explainer videos have become a pretty smart way to explain the words of any brand these days, and they’ve grown in popularity as a terrific promotional tool that can save companies both time and money. Furthermore, the significance of compelling pictures in promoting your business cannot be overstated.

Though writing can be useful in explaining complex business ideas in some situations, people prefer to watch and share videos rather than read extensive texts that discuss a brand’s current items or services. It is, in fact, crucial. It is more convenient for people to watch rather than read something. People prefer things that are simple. It’s why, rather than a library, today, homes are more likely to include a movie theatre area.

This isn’t a debate over whether video or text is superior. It’s just a matter of making it as simple as possible for customers to comprehend what your company is all about. This entails presenting your company to them in an easy-to-understand format.

How much money has your company put into video? How much money has it made in sales? Give it a shot if you haven’t already. Look out for an explainer video maker, and you’re good to go. At least one or two of the reasons listed above should persuade you to invest in the scheme. Enjoy!

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