How to Shoot Reels on Instagram


Instagram has proven to be a great marketing tool for companies trying to increase their brand awareness and product visibility. While there are advertising and sponsorship opportunities on Instagram, getting started is free, and businesses can build a large following without spending a dollar. You may be doing your business harm if you haven’t yet joined the Instagram craze.

But what’s the secret behind Instagram’s current viral growth? It’s Instagram Reels, as you could have guessed. Christine Colling, Later’s Social Media Manager, says, “Since bringing Reels to our Instagram channel last year, we’ve seen our interaction jump by 280 percent.”

However, mastering the perfect Reels method — as well as knowing how to use *all* of the various editing options — is no easy task.

Keep reading to discover the world of Instagram Reels.

Understanding Instagram Reels

Nearly a year ago, on 5th August 2020, Instagram introduced Instagram Reels. A new way to create and discover short, amusing films. Instagram users can record and edit 15 to 60-second video clips set to music and share them to their Stories, Explore Feed, and Reels tab on their profile, similar to TikTok. The feature, according to the official press release, “allows users to express themselves” by generating entertaining clips, such as a dancing tutorial or a personal blog about your Roman vacation, however, businesses can also take full advantage of this useful feature.

Why Instagram Reels for business?

Social media has contributed in the transformation of the purchase “funnel” into a “web” of multiple areas where your clients can locate items and services. With one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks. 

It’s important for businesses to stay in front of customers where they are, rather than where we want them to be. With one billion monthly active users, you can assume that a significant number of your consumers use Instagram. Video content encourages increased interaction, connection, and trust, therefore, it’s no surprise that Instagram Reels has also become a popular marketing tool for businesses.

Aside from the fact that it’s video content, Hootsuite noticed an increase in overall interaction on days when they uploaded Instagram Reels.

How Instagram Reels Can Benefit Your Business?

Creating Instagram Reels on a regular basis may appear to be a waste of effort if not done properly. Hire a Corporate Video Production company, if you really want to leave your competitors behind. Instagram Reels can help you with the following marketing tasks:

  • Better engagement rate on Instagram.
  • Increases the reach of your content.
  • Gain organic followers without spending a penny.
  • Find potential customers.
  • Present new products and services to key buyers.
  • Providing seasonal ad campaigns.
  • Spreading useful information related to your brand.

Creating an Instagram Reel 

Make sure your Instagram app is up to date before you start generating Instagram Reels. Next: 

  • Add to your Story by pressing the camera icon.
  • To access the ‘REELS’ option, slide the bottom bar all the way to the right.
  • Select the settings for your creation options. 
  • Search for music or upload audio from your device.
  • Adjust the capture speed to speed up (max x3) or slow down (max x2) 
  • Apply various effects and filters to the playback.
  • Decide how lengthy each clip should be (up to 15 seconds)
  • To record a clip, press the main center button.

Multiple clips are combined together in certain Reels. Reels will make a new clip of the length chosen in the timer section every time you press the main middle button, or you can stop the recording manually by pressing the button again.

When you have a lot of clips, Reels gives you the choice to trash, cut, or rearrange them. One thing to keep in mind about your audio: if you record original audio and then post your Reel publicly, others can download and use it in their own Reels. Yes, it includes you conversing with the camera! However, no one can utilize the original audio you capture if your account is set to private. Simply tap the screen to go from front to back camera mode, or vice versa.

Business Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

Do you have a difficulty with poor engagement? Do you want to increase your following? Do you want to get free publicity? The solution is simple: try Reels. Instagram has already shown to be an effective corporate sales and marketing tool. Here are five ways Instagram Reels may help you build your brand online for FREE!

Showcase Your Products

Reels are ideal for doing a little show and tell. Emphasize your product’s top characteristics and the advantages of using it. Coffee Over Cardio, for example, share Instagram videos of their many coffee items. Don’t worry if you don’t have a product-based business. You can still utilize Reels to highlight your work as a service provider. Sharing services on Reels allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and how you do things differently. They can also be used to convey a tale, spice up testimonials and reviews, or even raise excitement for a new product introduction.

Share Educational Content

You can also utilize Reels to perform some critical marketing duties, such as anticipating potential objections and delivering useful information that can assist clients in making a purchasing choice.

You can demonstrate innovative methods to use your product or generate outcomes from the service you provide. Showing customers how to wear or style your goods, or when the “ideal time” is to use your service, can help them connect with your company even more, and provide them insight into how your product or service will change their life.

Another innovative strategy for connecting with and converting customers? Spend some time making FAQ Reels that address the most prevalent queries in a humorous or visually appealing manner. You can also use the Q&A sticker in Instagram stories to gather questions and answer them in Reels.

Behind The Scenes

Customers (current and potential) will appreciate getting a peek behind the scenes. So, use Reels to highlight how your product is created, how your service is given, that must-see photoshoot moment, or even how your office operates on a daily basis. In one of their Behind-the-Scenes Reels, Dubsado shows how much love goes into the welcome packets.

A “typical day” video is a wonderful way for personal brands to give customers and clients a true sense of their work lifestyle, and it may also be useful for demonstrating how a product fits into someone else’s daily routine.

Also, don’t skip out on the opportunity to be completely upfront with your potential consumers. Showcase how you create your items or provide your services. This is especially effective when it comes to ethically created products, products with a handmade component, or services that are delivered with exceptional care and attention. Anyone may showcase their processes and make buyers feel as if they understand every step of the process.

In a recent Reel, podcaster Pat Flynn describes that all-too-familiar feeling of right before hitting record. This is a feeling that everyone who has had to go live or record yourself has experienced! Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that Pat Flynn, the podcasting master goes through the same feeling?

Showcase Your Community

Yes, this is an excellent technique to make it about your audience rather than yourself.

  • What kind of customer do you have?
  • Which customer testimonials can you show off?
  • Which graduates can you brag about and talk about how far they’ve come?
  • Which Facebook group member do you think deserves special attention?
  • Whose business do you have the authority to scream about?

Reels are a wonderful method to promote other businesses or consumers while also letting people know that your offer is applicable to others.

How to Get Real Impact from Your Instagram Reels

While we’ll never tell you to “do what everyone else does,” it’s always exciting to be inspired by others in similar professions, but copying isn’t a good idea. Since Reels is still a new feature, it’s always a smart idea to try it out because you’ll be among the first in your business to do so. This means your Reels will get more attention than other forms of social media, and you’ll have more chances to engage with a specific audience.

One thing is certain: whether you want to raise brand recognition through Instagram reels, create a spectacular video opener for your website’s homepage, or generate “killer” selling video content that converts, only good videos will not benefit your brand or project. What you truly need is a PERFECT VIDEO that will set you apart from your competitors’ videos.

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