MEDLAB Middle East Revolutionized With Event Video Coverage Dubai

A new version is planned for 2023 by MEDLAB Middle East. From February 6 to February 9, the Dubai World Trade Center will host MEDLAB Middle East 2023, a gathering of professionals and business guests. There will be many possibilities for networking and learning at the trade event, which will cover the whole spectrum of the clinical lab sector. MEDLAB Middle East 2023 will not, as customary (30 January – 2 February), be held in conjunction with Arab Health 2023 as a result of the ongoing epidemic.

MEDLAB Middle East Revolutionized With Event Video Coverage Dubai
MEDLAB Middle East 2023 To Be Changed Forever with Shoot At Sight Productions Event Video Coverage Dubai

The expo schedule for MEDLAB Middle East 2023 will be planned to include various events all over the venue. The exhibition will include more than 130 firms from different nations, displaying the most recent developments in healthcare, healthcare goods and solutions, and technology used in the health science sector. Therefore, trade visitors can go to conferences recognized by the CME, numerous strength and conditioning events, and live demonstrations.


The exhibit hall will feature product categories showing the most recent technological advancements, innovative ideas, and an overview of disposable razors, supporting facilities, imaging, IT, testing, diagnostic supplies, orthopedic, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical. It will feature a variety of lectures and workshops that will let attendees learn firsthand about the most recent advancements in medical laboratories from top businesses.

Patient-centered, comprehensive care management solutions for individualized treatment round out the development potential. Laboratories and some other diagnostic providers must address the need for center-access virtual care with or at testing and doctor’s office services.

This year, there will be 13 sessions at the Medlab Middle East Congress, making it the largest agree and strongly agree multi-track clinical laboratory congress worldwide with 120 local and foreign speakers.

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