What Makes Good Commercials? A Video Production Company Dubai

In our roles as communicators, we spend so much time dissecting each and every ad campaign we come across. But going over the fundamentals again never hurts. Examining the fundamentals of a campaign’s operation may inspire fresh concepts and boost creativity. The reality is that all promotional video production company Dubai share a variety of fundamental traits, whether they use print advertisements or digital media.

What Makes Good Commercials? A Video Production Company Dubai
Shot from a commercial made by a video production company Dubai


Advertising is fundamentally a kind of communication that seeks to promote a good or service and boost sales. Good publicity is promotional by nature.

Although some people can mistakenly refer to advertisement as “propaganda,” the two terms are actually distinct. Advertising emphasizes on influencing consumer behavior, whereas propaganda aims to shape the ideologies and mentalities of a people. Even if this promotion might be more or less overt, an effective video production company Dubai content is nonetheless promotional in nature.


Effective advertisements must persuade viewers that a certain good or service is superior to a comparable offering from a rival in order to accomplish their primary goal (to boost sales of that good or service). A product’s ability to meet a demand or enhance a consumer’s quality of life is guaranteed by persuasive advertising.

A video production company Dubai uses a range of strategies to persuade customers to buy a product, including appealing to their emotions, gaining their trust with authoritative justifications, or utilizing reasoning to support the decision.

Component of the business’s overall marketing plan

Every campaign is the result of extensive strategic planning. Advertising is always in line with a different promotional goal that relates to the brand’s or company’s overall goals. As a result, the overall content from the video production company Dubai should include a strong advertising approach.


Investments in time, materials, and of course cash are all necessary for advertising efforts. The channel that issuing the adverts often charges a set sum in return for its distribution.

A successful advertising should enhance firm earnings, which should outweigh the expense of the campaign. A campaign’s return on investment (ROI) is how advertisers determine the link between expenses (return of investment). The success of the advertising effort is demonstrated by a good ROI.


Advertising experiences market saturation, which is no secret. The majority of the hundreds of advertisements that consumers see each day in various formats go unnoticed. So, leveraging unconventional forms and resources helps good advertising stand out from the competitors. Focusing the originality of your good or service, providing a fantastic value, or taking an unusual approach are all ways to get customers’ attention.


Videos made in a creative way that convey tales, display startling imagery, capture memorable quotes, etc. A brand may be instantly recognized or remembered with the use of creative advertisements that stand out. The most innovative advertisements succeed in surprising viewers, inspiring them to take action, and making them remember them right away while staying true to the brand’s core values.


The essence of the video production company Dubai content and its guiding principles are consistently reflected in truly outstanding advertisements. Typically, one advertisement can’t do this, especially in a crowded market. Consistency is therefore a crucial component of advertising.

The target audience’s consumers should, in theory, experience just enough impact to stick with the organization and its message without being obnoxious or overused. It’s also intriguing to think about how effects may be reproduced through the same media (for instance, by repeatedly seeing the same TV ad) or by tailoring the same message to multiple channels.

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